St-George’s Sumo competition and more !

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Hi everyone,

If you are still in need of robotics, you can participate in St-George’s awesome sumo competition or in their new King of the hill competition. Details are in the files below.

Interesting fact : there is a “mentors” category for the sumo competition. Finally, the mentors will be able to show you their skills !

king of the hill rules competition-bilingual version- rect sumo rules competition-bilingual version- recto verso 2015

Actimania Official Rulebook

The Actimania Official Rulebook has been updated to “version 2″, which is the current official version: 2015_Actimania_EN_V2 There are quite a few changes because of a glitch we had with our Dropbox folder. Here are the said changes: 3.1 “many balls” was changed for “32 balls” 4.2 The robots will start in the center of the field […]

Nemolition 2014 Results

Overall Champion Trophy Collège Montmorency Overall Finalists 2nd: Marianopolis College 3rd: Macdonald High School Best Rookie: Centennial Regional High School Game: 1st: (Game Champion): Collège Montmorency 2nd: Lower Canada College 3rd: Dawson College Tie for 4th: Macdonald High School and Collège Bois-de-Boulogne Team 1 6th: Collège Bois-de-Boulogne Team 2 Video (Junior) 1st: Macdonald High School 2nd: Bishop’s College School […]

CRC in the News

Nemolition and the CRC are getting some coverage in the news. The CRC in Les Nouvelles St-Laurent A write-up in The Suburban Le Collège Montmorency remporte le grand prix de la 13e édition de la Compétition annuelle de Robotique CRC au Collège Vanier Vanier Host Committee representing CRC on Global Morning News: CRC 2014 on […]