Actimania Official Rulebook

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The Actimania Official Rulebook has been updated to “version 2″, which is the current official version:

There are quite a few changes because of a glitch we had with our Dropbox folder. Here are the said changes:

3.1 “many balls” was changed for “32 balls”
4.2 The robots will start in the center of the field
Change of the 3D model of the field
7.7 “added without warning”
8.1 (french version only) sensors won’t pick up anything at the buzzer
9.1 added “by itself towards a target”. This makes sharing points a bit harder than what was discussed at the kickoff.
9.8 Clarified that there will be one multiplier per team per side
14.2 Junk penalty will be of 4% of the total score
Added 14.4 Tug-of-war rule
22. Added non-VEX servo rules

Deadlines for video uniformized to Feb 2nd (French version only).

Read points K3.2 K3.4 and K3.5 as they have been modified and not talked about during the Kickoff.

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