Preliminary rules, judging changes and dates !

The preliminary rules for Pythagorium are coming out in advance ! Here they are : 2016_Pythagorium_Prelim_EN Also, we have addressed a few issues from the past judging schemes and revamped the way we will be judging the robots and kiosks. Here are the changes : 2016_Changes_judging   Plus, as a reminder, here are the important dates for […]

Register for our “Build a Robot” Workshop at the International Startup Festival

Hello everyone! CRC Robotics is proud and honored to be participating in this year’s International Startup Festival Family Day that will be taking placing on Saturday, July 18, 2015. You will be able to enjoy watching some robots go head-to-head in a heated battle as well as learn how to build a robot of your […]

Actimania Official Rulebook

The Actimania Official Rulebook has been updated to “version 2”, which is the current official version: 2015_Actimania_EN_V2 There are quite a few changes because of a glitch we had with our Dropbox folder. Here are the said changes: 3.1 “many balls” was changed for “32 balls” 4.2 The robots will start in the center of the field […]

Nemolition 2014 Results

Overall Champion Trophy Collège Montmorency Overall Finalists 2nd: Marianopolis College 3rd: Macdonald High School Best Rookie: Centennial Regional High School Game: 1st: (Game Champion): Collège Montmorency 2nd: Lower Canada College 3rd: Dawson College Tie for 4th: Macdonald High School and Collège Bois-de-Boulogne Team 1 6th: Collège Bois-de-Boulogne Team 2 Video (Junior) 1st: Macdonald High School 2nd: Bishop’s College School […]