Nemolition 2014

Overall Results

 1 – Collège Montmorency

2 – Marianopolis College

  3 – Macdonald High School

Held at Vanier College in Montreal, Nemolition 2014 was a challenge where schools had to work in cooperative team of 5 to create structures on a multi-level playing field. To construct a structure, team had access to various size of foam cubes, buckets filled with concrete and beach balls. Furthermore, each team was allowed to use a single custom piece of their own design to complement the tower.

In the heats, which lasted 5 minutes, the team received 10 points every time a prism was added to a structure, 20 for a bucket and 40 for a beach ball. The custom piece was worth a base value of 20 points for the team and double of the final value for the robot’s team. While only once tower was allowed on each of the 3 floors, various bonuses were accorded for complex towers and depending on the floors where they were located.

This game of precision, but also of brute force, allowed for a lot of great cooperating moments between the different schools. The tournament, as well as the overall trophy, which accounts for all the aspects of the competition, was won by Collège Montmorency. They were closely followed in the overall ranking by Marianopolis College and Macdonald High School, while Centennial Regional High School won the best rookie award.