Pythagorium 2016


Overall Results

 1 – Collège Montmorency

2 – Macdonald High School

  3 – Marianopolis College

Held at Collège Montmorency in Laval, Pythagorium 2016 was played by two teams of two robots each for 5-minute heats. The game consisted in placing pool noodle cutted at different lengths inside tubes mounted on a triangular prism at each end of the playing field.

Two robots started the game on each side of the field. At any moment, a robot could cross to the other side, but had to get past the “Big Wheel of Doom” to do so. The teams had to pick up playing pieces of different lengths, identified by their team’s color, and place them inside any of the scoring tubes. The space filled by noodles in the tubes dictated the score, while the arrangement of the noodles of a same colour on a given prism gave different multiplying bonuses.

This precision game allowed for exciting games with dramatic endings. While the game champion was Macdonald High School, the overall trophy, which accounts for all the aspects of the competition, was won by Collège Montmorency on their own turf, very, very closely followed by Macdonald High School in second position and Marianopolis College in third.